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The F BombCast: September 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

X-Factor: Goodbye Larry

Its official X-Factor is in trouble. This pains me more than anyone will now. For a long time now Peter David has delivered the most consistently enjoyable satellite X-book on the stands. The characters have been spot on, hell he even managed to get some mileage out of the whole post House of M mess while everyone else was ignoring it. Then it happened. Messiah Complex. If this were a question on Jeapordy the answer would be "Joe Quesada suffers from this". By including X-Factor in Messiah Complex it kinds sorta knocked the book off its axis. Don't get me wrong David (who left the book back in the 90's because he hated crossovers) did his best but it just didn't feel right. Then came Secret Invasion. They were right when they said nothing will be the same because after the horrendous Secret Invasion tie in this book sucks. Between a mess of a tie in and the God Awful art from Larry Stroman, the book that I used to look forward to every month now makes me cringe.

All is not lost the recent Layla Miller one-shot was incredible. It also proves that when you leave Peter David alone and pair him with an artist who knows how to draw people who look like people it works. Bottom line Quesada, give Stroman his severance and leave X-Factor alone.