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The F BombCast: May 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Giant Sized Astonishing Rants

Well since Mike and TJ have both posted I thought it was time for the 3rd member of this wacky trinity to say hello. As TJ has said I'm Kevin (avowed geek and techno moron) and while I was not able to make the first podcast (work sucks) I was there in spirit.

That being said I thought I would post a review. Since TJ covered Final Crisis over on his other blog (All hail Grant Morrison) today's review covers another hotly anticipated issue, Giant-Sized Astonishing X-Men #1. By now everyone knows the major problem with this book is that it comes out at a ridiculously slow pace. This issue itself was rescheduled 4 (count em folks 4 fucking times). Was it worth the wait? Well almost. Whedon caps off his 4 year run admirably tying together all of the elements he started back in the Ford Administration with issue 1 and estblishing some new core relationships. Although this series never boke the mold the way Morrison did in his run it has been a solid old school team book with Whedon's trademark snappy dialogue. His Spider-Man is terrific here. Cassaday's art is an absolute wet dream that almost makes you forget that any book he draws will inevitably be late.

That being said the Breakworld arc has been incredibly drawn out and at this point with so much else going on in the X-Men universe it just doesn't feel epic enough as a closer. Also the big death scene in this issue while very moving was given away months ago and now falls a little flat. The inclusion of a plethora of other Marvel Heroes while certainly cool also feels a little forced. Still the Whedon and Cassaday team deserve their place in the top pantheon of X-Men creative teams and I will miss them.


Show Rundown

OK everyone i was Just informed that the show will be available tonight.  Unfortunately i didn't realize  that size matters (as an Irish male i always hoped that this wasn't the case).  Well i sent him a file that was the size of three of his shows put together so i think i hijacked his bandwidth.

James being the fucking King of Kings that he is I think was going to run it anyway and forgo his show for the week but he was able to run it through one of his programs and reduce the size.

Thanks Buddy yet again, i promise to try to do better next time.

So in this episode we start off with 

INTRODUCTION - We talk about ourselves and the show in General
BEER TALK - We open up some micro Brews and discuss.
COMICS - We talk about a couple of series we think everyone should give a shot.
DOUCHEBAG OF THE WEEK - we talk about something that has pissed us off
MINI MOVIE REVIEW - Speed Racer anyone
WACKY TOP FIVE - Top 5 "red" superheroes
FLASHBACK - Introduce the segment and pick a year for the next show
WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO - IF you can't figure it out you are to dumb to download anyway.
PLUGS AND THANK YOU's - read above then punch yourself in the face 5 times

This is a very Basic rundown of what we expect each show to be like.  The show is around an hour and a half so obviously we go off on some wild fucking tangents but i had fun and really that is all i care about.

Please give a listen and Comment



First Blog ever and my Indy thoughts

Hi all you future F-bombcast loving people (I wanna start of my blogging and podcast life asfucking positive as possible) I am a mere 8 hours after watching the new Indy movie...yeah all you fucking geeks know what the name of the movie I am talking about is, I am NOT going to spell the fucking thing out. I type fucking slow enough as it is with out having to type out probably the worse aspect of this flick.

This movie fucking rocks....yeah rocks....I am a huge (in more ways than one) lover of all things Indy and I went into this movie with much trepidation and low expectations. I have avoided all posts and reviews, except for your co-worker comments, cuz they just feel the need to shit on any positive aspect of your fucking life because their life is such a huge pile of pusculating dog vomit and they want you to come down to their level of hell and play....well fuck you ya fucktards

I get to the movie late...and I miss the previews...I almost walked, out I hate missing the fucking previews...but I went found my seat and seethed for about 3 minutes until the Speilberg magic grabbed my nipples and started to twist.

The only reviews (if you can dignify the comments I have heard around my workplace as such) are that Harrison Ford does not act like Indiana, well you know why, because Harrison Ford is acting like Indiana after having been through a bunch of shit over a period of 20 fucking years...OK ...he is 20 fucking years older. You will act a whole lot different in 2o years.

This movie has some of the best stuntwork I have ever seen in an Indiana Jones movie, some of the best set pieces and some of the best choreographed fights in an Indy movie. I expected the computer effects to be amazing and I was not dissappointed, my only bitch was the final scene after the final escape did not quite seem real...admittedly it was a very hard effect to pull off and they did well, but not quite well enough. Harrison Ford is in amazing shape for a 60+ year old man, as can be attested by one movie scene where he is well ...naked.

The acting is no better or worse than what you will get in any Indy movie. Speilberg's directing is just fucking fun, the man knows how to get the best camera shots for some tense, hold on tight to the seat in front, you are almost there flash....the man can direct. One thought that kept popping into my head was, what if Speilberg had directed any Star Wars film....the magic that Lucas and Speilberg have together cannot be denied.

In all I have to rank this Indy movie as my 3rd favorite of the series and I give this flick 9 out of 10 kicks to the groin............Later, Mike

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So we recorded our first episode last night to much fun.  I must say i never had so much fun sitting at my computer before.  I am also amazed that drinking three beers in a half an hour could get one so Buzzed.  

In the first episode we alienate about 95% of our listeners and Drop as many F bombs as possible.  There is comic talk, beer talk, titty talk, Video games movies and more.  Plus we learn the ancient Vermont secret on how to stay trim in your nether regions. A must listen if there ever was one.

I have to finish the editing tonight and will have the show off to the provider of the bandwidth as soon as I am done.  

I know request like this never work (at least it didn't on my other fucking blog) but please leave some Motherfucking comments.  This way i know i am not just typing for my own damn enjoyment.  (maybe if i was less confrontational... Nah you guys are just as lazy as i am).

Also if you wish to email the show then the email is  I know that i am opening myself to a ton of spam now but whatever.

Hope you enjoy the listen.  

I will be putting the show rundown as soon as i finish the editing.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A brand new countdown to a secret crisis

Hi everyone.  I feel a little like Troy McClure but You may know me from such Blogs as Thank God its Wednesday and podcast segments as Good Comic Bad Comic on the Comic Book on the Comic Book Savant Podcast.

My name is TJ and I go by Gardnerisgod on both the Comic Forums and Skype.  

Sometime before my Daughter was born last year i approached James of the Comic Book Savant about doing my own Podcast.  We both thought it would be a great idea.  Here's the rub,  I'm a lazy motherfucker and if I don't have something to kick me in the ass then i will  keep putting things off.  So here enters my idea.  Let me get another person to do the cast with me and they will be the boot to kick me in the Ass.  

So enters Mike, redjakk on the forum. I recalled he mentioned something about wanting to do a podcast.  Well we both have similar ideals and loves.  So the match is perfect.

Then enters the third mic.  My buddy Kevin is a lover of many comics but the problem with him is that he has a real job that keeps him in the City (NYC but then again in my mind that is the only city) until 9 some nights so he won't be available to record when we are.  (plus he is a tech moron that i will have to walk through every little fucking step) So he will be the staple third mic when we can record on Saturdays.  When we record on our regular night we may have a rotating schedule of third mics.

So anyway this podcast will be about Comics, Beer, Movies, and whatever the fuck we want.  It will be on the Comic Book Savants feed so if you're subscribed to that your stuck with us. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!  (do you like what i did there i even made my laugh a comic reference).

So we should be up and running soon Keep your ears peeled