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The F BombCast: June 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

Episode One: Ballad of the F-Bombfitzgerald

Greeting ladies and germs,

I apologize about the tardiness of this rundown for Episode 1. It's taken me forever to listen to the whole two hours of delicious chatter and I'm being extra-super-retard-lazy this week as previously noted in my HeroesCon rundown. ANYWAY, in this episode we me the living legend James "Magic Stick" Harris also known as the Comic Book Savant ALSO known as the Pop Media Savant ALSO ALSO known as the Dirty..Dirty..Dirty Mutha' Fucker.

-The show starts with TJ and James relating the struggles they had to endure in
Charlotte as fat man (ie. humidity, walking, pants, me forcing TJ to flash me his
tits through the peephole before I let him into the room).

-Only Mike was responsible enough to be drinking during this episode (Sam Adams
Summer Ale). TJ's broke from Heroes and is just drinking Coke and James just
doesn't drink (boooo!).

-It takes the boys about 10 minutes before they start taking about pussy.
Apparently, someone was exchanging images of their naughty bits with his lady
friends. This then leads to a discussion on how this same someone has turned into
a sex machine and how he doesn't always just have "sex" with women, that some he
just flat out "victimizes" them with his glory.
(Note: every 5-10 min be prepared to learn something new about the normally demure
Mr. Harris.)

- 0:20 - The boys segway into their first beers as children. Mike's was Miller,
TJ's MGD and James' (Stereotype Alert) Colt 45.

-I get bashed for not sending in my email contributions to the show, (even though I
was never told what time they were recording).

-Coming soon of the feed: "The Misadventures of a Manwhore" (teaser!)

- 0:27 - Comics! Finally! James talks about the predictable and contrived Walking
Dead TPB #1 which is so exciting apparently it's taking him forever to read
through it. Mike: Tor #2, Thor #9 and Guardians of the Galaxy #2. TJ: Star
Wars - Dark Times #11 and Sword #8.

*Storytime with Uncle James: A tale in which our Gentleman Cocksman comes
home from work to find a sexy naked lady waiting and wanting.

- 0:51 - "Douche Bag Of The Week...week...week......."
James: The HeroesCon organizers for the shitte location and promotion
of "Podcast Alley"
Mike: Had no douche bag. Happy Days!
Kevin: "The Judd Winick Girls" 3 Ooogly fan-girls sitting behind
Kevin at one of the panels bitching about Judd Winick,
even though Judd Winick wasn't on the panel

*Storytime with Uncle James: Apparently, a certain super stud isn't
completely focused on the show at hand and is instead
watching a woman masterbating on a webcam.

TJ: Has 3 D-bags.....1) The grossly effeminate and inept waiter at
Jolina (a restaurant in Charlotte)
2) Tony Harris (artist) of Starman fame, for
being a complete C*nt to his fans
3) Himself for vomiting copious amounts of BBQ
and bourbon while asleep Sat. night at Heroes

- 1:17 - TJ poses the question,"Would it be gay to clone yourself with the sole
purpose of having your clone suck your cock?" TJ rationalizes this as just
another form of masterbation and when Mike suggests just cloning his wife,
TJ summarily dismisses the notion as "just semantics."

*Storytime with Uncle James: He keeps a calender of his "exploits" and Mike
suggests a rating system, broken down into 4 categories.

- 1:14 - The F'd Up Five: Comic Characters you want to tag
To sumise we hear the likes of Zatanna, Emma Frost, Lois Lane, Jungle Girl,
Mystique (the ultimate kink), etc... The jewel of this segment though is
Mike's choices of Big Barda and Giganta (methinks Mike is a secret-sub).
The reason and discussion of these ladies is too delicious to transcribe
with any justice.

*TJ detours to tell my "James Bond of Cunniligous" story.
**Sex Education from Anubis: focus on oral skills, digital skills and cock
skills. It is essential to have the woman cum at least 2 times before you
stick it in; make them beg for the cock. Do that and they'll do anything
you want.

- 1:48 - The year is 1974, match the choices with your favorite FBC member
TV: Wonder woman, 6 Million $ Man, Happy Days and Good Times
Song: Bad Company by Bad Company, 7 Seas of Rhye by Queen, Scarlet
Begonias by the Grateful Dead and Honey, Honey by ABBA
(hint someone has no pick and one person has two, a gay pick
and a straight pick)
Movie: Young Frankenstein, Godfather Pt. 2, Foxy Brown and Chinatown

-2:22:20 - fin

Nipples and Tits,

Friday, June 27, 2008

My brain still ain't right

I really meant to blog earlier this week. Monday I was off from work and had ALL day with nothing to do, but I HAD to be a lazy fuck and sleep off my Heroes Con hangover. Not the kind of hangover TJ and Kevin were lucky enough to get. You see I was the driver for our little adventure and driving through the night on Thursday then all day on Sunday has scrambled my brain. I will be finished listening to Episode 1 featuring James "Magic Stick" Harris soon and will have a complete rundown....or at least A rundown for you kiddies hopefully later tonight. Right now I'm debating whether to go see Wanted, Hulk or being a real winner and going to Wall-E. Probably Hulk, since Ed Norton is a man-crush of mine.

Like T and Kevin, I walked away from the weekend with my wallet significantly lighter. I went a little trade crazy, so excited that I found the 3rd trade of Wormwood Gentleman Corpse, I went through every box looking for the 2nd (and failing incidently) and buying a whole lot more than I had intended.

My haul:

Nextwave 2
Ninja Scroll
Heaven and Earth 1 & 2
Wormwood GC 3
Criminal Macabre 1
Spawn: blood & salvation
Lions, Tigers and Bears 1 (for my gf)
and Age of Reptiles....this one has no dialogue just LOTS and LOTS of dinosaurs yay!

Also, got a couple of prints...too big to post just now, and an original drawing from Guy Davis (B.P.R.D. and just a REALLY nice guy).

OK going to the movies. You bitches be good.

Hugs and Kisses,

The D-dizzle funkmeister Dave

Superman: Who Let The Dog Out?

As all eight of you who actually listen to our podcast may know, I have some conceptual disagreements with the direction DC is taking the Superman books (not counting All-Star) in these days. I really loved the last issue of Action however and was seriously looking forward to James Robinson's run on Superman. Lo and behold I open up Superman 678 and what greets me on page one? Yes folks the goddamn dog. Worse we actually get a first person narration (in dog speak no less)from said superdog. Now comes the part where I threw up in my mouth. During a fun little game of frisbee with the dog and Hal Jordan Superman utters the following quote "I have the bestest dog ever". If you listen closely you can hear the sound of universes imploding. Come on guys seriously why are we back to this cheeseball nonsense?

If this were Morrison or Garth Ennis I could accept it cause they would be trying to make a satrical point but this was meant to be straightforward. I mean Jesus what next month, the Scooby Gang shows up and Superman helps them solve a mystery? Its bad enough that they have Luthor back in the damn suit (it was meant to sell toys in 1985 the momnet has passed) and Jimmy Olsen is back to his "Golly Gee Gosh Mr. Kent" way of talking but the dog is over the edge. Part of Superman's appeal for me is his isolation he is the LAST survivor of Krypton neither fully human or fully Kryptonian. Start throwing in everyone and their mother with the same powers (I'm looking at you Supergirl) and the character is diluted. DC had it nailed just right in the early 90's titles but the retro stuff is not working for me. I mean they have singlehandedly brought back everything the John Byrne reboot was meant to fix.

All is not lost however. Cheeseball shit aside the Superman cleanup squad is an interesting idea and the fight scenes were good. Throw in where Johns is going with Braniac and we may have something to salvage. I swear to God though if Beppo the Super Monkey shows up (Google it it was a real character)I am done with the franchise.


My Heroes Con Goodies

First of all Heroes was a blast but would have been much cooler with Mike there. (missed you buddy)

Here is a picture of 3/4 of the f bombCast.

Well Heroes Con was a blast. I got to hang with my two best friends and meet a ton of people that i have talked to forever and really get to know them.

I spent a littel too much and got so drunk saturday night that i don't remember most of the night.

Here is what i got:

JLA (morrison run) Vol 1,2,3 & 4
Hulk Visionary Peter David Vol 1,2 & 3
Young Avengers Vol 1 & 2
Owly Vol 1 & 2
XXXombies signed by Rick Remender

A Joker Sketch by Avery Butterworth
A Guy Gardner Sketcch form the Mini Marvels guy (Chris something)

I got a ton of Alan Grant/Garth Ennis Demon (I now only have 8 issues to go)
Hitman 1
Crypt of Dawn 4 issues

I think that's it but i will update if i can remember anything else.

Talk to you later,


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Heroes Con 2008 Requeim for a Paycheck

Well folks this past weekend most of us at the fbombcast (we missed you Mike) headed down to Charlotte for Heroes Con. Much fun was had by all (but beware the Dogfish Head Ale) and it was great to meet everyone from the boards finally. A special shout out to our fabulous host the Godfather of our feed Mr. James Harris the Comic Book Savant. Great to meet you my friend you are a god among men. Anyway I inflicted serious damage to my wallet with all the great deals and thought I would clue you guys in to waht I picked up.

Hellboy Vol.1
Wanted (Apparently the movie totally differs from the comic which saddens me)
God Save The Queen
Ultimates 2
The Authority Vol. 1
Catwoman: The Dark End of the Street
Supreme Power
Watchmen (Yes I know I'm really late to the party on this one)

Also picked up an obscene amount of back issues and was able to complete quite a few runs the gem of which was the completion of my Grant Morrison New X-Men run.

Of course having zero willpower I also picked up me weekly haul yesterday so I'm really broke. That's all for now the fabulous Dave will be giving the full Heroes Con rundown at some point. Later


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Episode Zero: Electric Boogaloo

In this Episode, we finally meet the enigmatic Kevin, who (to much dismay) does NOT actually sound like Marvin the Martian. We also meet Dave, the "artist" of the current F-Bombcast Logo and all around sexy beast also known as me.

If you want to give us a listen (and I know that you do) click here or subscribe to Comic Book Savant on iTunes.

The Episode was recorded on a Saturday afternoon and since we all had things to do that day, the drunken hilarity of Episode one was not repeated. That said, I was kind enough to bring along some Pork Slap Farmhouse Ale (and folks it's as delicious as it sounds) for our drinking pleasure.

We start off with our top 5 Girl on Girl scenes in TV/Movies and at some point in the second hour actually get down to talking about comics. In between intended show content you can hear us talking about ourselves, masturbation, work, masturbation at work, etc....

and since TJ usually forgets them:

Write us at
Visit us on the forums here
or for fucks sake at least leave a comment somewhere on this blog.

Hugs and Kisses,


Friday, June 13, 2008

Episode Negative one

OK Guys,

Episode negative one is up and running.

You can get it off of iTunes or from here.

In this show we start off with beer as usual then go to comics and Fine literature.  Some talk of Actresses and the roles we would like to bang them in.  From there it is 1994 and all the goodness that is that year. Classical Music talk follows.

I was drunk as shit at the end of the show so we didn't get to talk about a lot of the things we wanted to and again forgot to plug the blog, mention e-mail and plug our buds.



Friday, June 6, 2008

DVD Sale at my local Blockbuster

The sign at my local Blockbuster had a sign out proclaiming 3 pre-viewed DVD's for 20 dollars. The sign has been up for a month and a half so I had some money in my pocket cuz I just got payed so what the fuck, I decided to see what they might have left....Well, I am much poorer but DVD wealthy....Cloverfield, Aliens Vs Predator Requiem, Shoot ém Up, 3:10 to Yuma, Stardust, Resident Evil:Apocalypse, Resident Evil:Extinction, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, and Shrek The Third.

I will give my opinion on these movies after I watch them....It will give me something to ramble on about until my next big Movie review. Sex in testicles shrunk just writing that out as a joke.....The Incredible Hulk will be my next big movie event....hopefully it will come close to my Iron Man, Speed Racer, And Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull movie experiences.....but probably no cake (sad face) Later Fuckers..................Mike

Episode negative 2

Well Episode Negative 2 is up and running.

You can get it by getting the Comic Book Savants Feed.  (the website is not updated yet)

We talk Fruity Beer, The holy spirit of the Comics Trinity (Grant Morrison), some marvel, Porno, Great Music, Movies, Comics, and TV from the 80's.  We hear from our long lost third Mic Kevin/Marvin. And of course breast.

In what is becoming a theme i forget to plug the fucking Email ( and the blog but if you are reading this then you know about it, don't you?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eye on the Fall Part 1

As TJ may have mentioned, the job that keeps me in the city until ungodly hours is in the advertising industry. One of the many perks we get is that we get advance copies of the the fall tv pilots. This past weekend I took a look at what CBS will be offering this fall and I have decided to share that with you dear readers. As more become available I will let you guys know what you should and should not be watching. So here goes.

Harpers Island- Think 10 Little Indians meets April Fools Day meets Lost. If the first two references were lost on you then you will not like this show. A group of friends get together for a wedding on the mysterious Harper's Island where 10 years before a serial killer wiped out an entire family, almost. The lone survivor is a guest at the wedding and yep you guessed it strange shit starts happening again. No real big name stars unless you count Bill (he's not just doing it for money he's doing it for a shitload of money) Pullman. Decently creepy and CBS looks like its taking a departure from the countless CSI knockoffs. Check it out.

Project Gary-Jay Mohr stars as a newly divorced dad with 2 kids who hooks up with Jamie (I used to bang Kid Rock) King but neglects to tell her he has 2 kids and an ex-wife. A little cliched (the ex wife is remarrying their marriage counselor) but pretty damn funny. Mohr is the real draw here take note Opie and Anthony fans. Should be a good compliment to How I met your Mother and Two and a Half Men. Check it Out.

Worst Week- Think Meet the Parents the series. Doesn't sound funny? Good its not. Sam and his fiancee go to her parents house to break the news that they are enagaged and she is pregnant. The basic gist is that anything that can go wrong does. A couple of funny scenes and a bunch that aren't. Although Kurtwood Smith (Red from That 70's Show does his deadpan sarcasm to pretty good effect as the Father in Law. Hint to producers public urinantion jokes have been played out in every movie Adam Sandler has ever made, we're over it move on. Avoid.

The Ex-List-At first glance total chick show but its actually quite funny. The main character gets told if she doesn't get married within a year she will die alone. The catch is she has already met and broken up with her future husband so she has to go back through her list of exes (thus the title) and see if their is a spark. I sense I may have lost the guys here, fret not while yes this show is obviously aimed at women there's plenty for us as well. The women are all really hot and this being set in California frequently half dressed. The characters and dialogue work really well for those of us in our late 20's early 30's and an extended joke about female grooming habits is sure to please everyone. Give it a whirl.

Thats all for now as I watch more I'll give you all the lowdown.