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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

X-Factor: Goodbye Larry

Its official X-Factor is in trouble. This pains me more than anyone will now. For a long time now Peter David has delivered the most consistently enjoyable satellite X-book on the stands. The characters have been spot on, hell he even managed to get some mileage out of the whole post House of M mess while everyone else was ignoring it. Then it happened. Messiah Complex. If this were a question on Jeapordy the answer would be "Joe Quesada suffers from this". By including X-Factor in Messiah Complex it kinds sorta knocked the book off its axis. Don't get me wrong David (who left the book back in the 90's because he hated crossovers) did his best but it just didn't feel right. Then came Secret Invasion. They were right when they said nothing will be the same because after the horrendous Secret Invasion tie in this book sucks. Between a mess of a tie in and the God Awful art from Larry Stroman, the book that I used to look forward to every month now makes me cringe.

All is not lost the recent Layla Miller one-shot was incredible. It also proves that when you leave Peter David alone and pair him with an artist who knows how to draw people who look like people it works. Bottom line Quesada, give Stroman his severance and leave X-Factor alone.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Episode 10: Nuthin' but an F-Bomb Baby...

ANYWAY...This cuddle filled episode features discussions of if Mike is EVER right, Journey, the anatomy of fowl, "Hooray Beer!," nudie bar memories, videogames and fantasy football and mullets, oh my. Mike even treats you lucky listeners with some song stylings from his rock god days.
Mike is still drinking from the seemingly endless case of Yuengling while TJ is enjoying some nice Newcastle Brown Ale.

Becca say "What?"
Becca seems to think that she and the Cuties exhausted their randy question quota for a while. So this week they "tone" it down a bit with the age old "Boxers or briefs" question. Her 2nd question gets a really good discussion about the boys' Holy Grail comic. She also provides us another drink recipe (lushie).

Blue Smurf Piss:
1/5 Shot Jagermeister
1/5 Shot Bacardi 151 Proof Rum
1/5 Shot Goldschlager
1/5 Shot Blue Curacao
Mixing Instructions: Pour as listed -- strain through ICE, this drink tastes better chilled

There's also dueling fan-mails as Hakk, clues us in on the origin of his forum name and tells us of Antler Brown Ale from Barley Creek Brewery near Camel Beach in PA.

The Boys #21 and the Boys in general (Dynamite)
Uncanny X-Men #501 (Marvel)
Martin Manhunter #0-36 (DC) *mike's E-Bay win
Bone Volume 3 (Scholastic)
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds (DC)
Flash #243
Final Crisis: Revelations
Amazing Spiderman #568

One minute left in the period......
Well not really, but this IS the new segment. TJ forgets to prepare so he talks about the Journey/Heart/(eh...)Cheap Trick concert June 21st........come to think of it, the segment ran MUCH longer than a minute.

F'd up 5: Top 5 Driving Songs
You learn a lot about the FBomb boys by their choices in this category: Mike is a rock conseiur, TJ is an angry driver, I have to listen to happy/peppy music to "...keep me from killin' y'all," and Kevin......well Kevin (except for the Lords of Acid) is an old white grandmother (and Kev, don't complain I coulda called you queer). Also, Kevin finds a way to make teen girls unsexy.
Selections include:
Life is a Highway, Dragula, Nuthin' but a G-thang, Mr Blue Sky, Running on Empty, Get Up Offa' That Thing James Brown, Night Train, Blind by Korn, Possess Me by Lords of Acid, Fire Woman, Toxicity, I Get Around, AEnema, Radar Love and Nellie the Elephant by the Toy Dolls.

Who loves ya baby,

Your pal Dave

Friday, August 22, 2008

Episode 9: Phuck me? No, Phuck you...

Ladies (and gentleman if you'd like), keep a towel handy. This Episode features the return of the Rock 'em Sock 'em Racist himself, Dave (me)! Yes, folks THIS is the episode to listen to. TJ quits smoking, we learn the Origin of Phuckin' Dave, there's some boner-popping news about the Watchmen and some very upseting news about Watchmen, TJ tries AGAIN to try and justify his love of traveling pants, we discuss race relations, my Nellie-dog throws her two cents in and we introduce a new segment. Also, thank you to Sean (Hakkendon on the forums).

Beer, Beer, Beer, Blah.......
This is an "eh" week with beers folks as Mike is drinking Yuengling again and TJ felt that feeding his baby was more important than beer. I, however, did bring different to the table....the spicy delicious Chimay Rouge from the Belgian Trappist Monks.

Becca says What?
This week Becca (and the Cubicle Cuties too I suspect) ask about tatoos, nipple piercings, my apparent foot fetish, cock piercings......ow......ok no more of that.

FUCKing Dave?
Earlier in the show I tell about the origin of my nickname, Phuckin' Dave. Now I regale you lucky listeners with a tale of carnal pleasure. You'll have to listen to it yourself for all the delicious hotness, but lets just say honorable mentions include little leaguers, stroke victims, leggings, sex with the retarded, a park ranger and a very VERY full "water balloon."

Mike's Fucking Heart of Gold.
Co-host, Mike talks about cutting his Sampson-esque rock god hair for "Locks of Love." A sweet story till we get to Mike's puddy head and his wife identifying his corpse by feeling his mishaped skull between her legs. (hey, he said it not me)

One Minute Man
This new segment allows for the speaker to talk for 1 min. about whatever. This week is Mike's turn and he talks about the new Whitesnake album "Good to be bad."

Comics, comics, comics
Reviewed this week:
Welcome to Hoxford #1 (IDW)
Red Sonja #36 (Dynamite)
Y The Last Man TPB #10 (Vertigo)
Okko: The Cycle of Water (ASP)
The Bond of Saint Marcel (ASP)
The R.I.P. tie-ins (DC)
Action Comics #867 (DC)
Ultra TPD (Image)

Flash(ah ahhh)back: 1981

Movie: Evil Dead, Superman II, Mommy Dearest, Clash of the Titans, Stripes, Excalibur,
Night Riders, etc.....
TV: The Smurfs, The Greatest American Hero, Entertainment Tonight (yeach), Postman Pat and Simon & Simon
Music: In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins, The album Escape from Journey, Rush "Moving Pictures," and Billy Squire's "Don't Say No."

Ok going to drink some bers,

Keep your naughty bits clean,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Final Crisis Legion of 3 Worlds

Its official I have run out of witty titles for these posts. Let me state this from the outset. I utterly loathe the Legion of Superheroes. I consider them an example of Pre-Crisis Silver Age DC at its most eggregiously cheesy. I never liked the way they were written or how they fit in in with the Superman dichotomy. When the first Crisis removed Superman's career as Superboy and thus his ever having been in the Legion I was relieved. I can no longer ignore the signs however. It has become apparent that DC and Geoff Johns in particular is determined to resurrect the Silver Age DCU in all its magnificent hokiness.

Believe it or not this is actually a positive review. Having said all of that it is a testament to Geoff Johns that he can take these charcaters that I utterly loathe and create a great story. Hence his recent Action Comics arc and today's subject Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds. The Final Crisis name is a bit misleading as it really has very little to do with what's going on in either the main series or the tie ins. but still its well written by Johns and beautifully drawn by George Perez. The basic gist is that after the recent upheavel in Action Comics with Earth-Man, the united planets want to disband the Legion (fine by me please make them go away for ever and ever). You also have Superboy Prime showing up in a very ironic and beautifully executed scene and making his prescence known by resurrecting the Legion of Super-Villians. The Legion of Super-Villians origin that comes out in this issue is a nice parallel to the Legion of Super Heroes origin which is back to pre-crisis.

What can I say Johns is a good writer he clearly loves the DCU and that comes through in everything he writes. This issue also does not exhibit a problem that Johns had been evidencing in JSA which is trying to cram too many charcaers into a single issue at the expense of any plot progression. The A and B plots involving the Legion's turmoils and Prime's arrival fit together nicely. That being said this is a wholly unnecessary issue in terms of the Crisis. I am a Superboy Prime fan hence my purchase of this issue but if you don't like the Legion but are torn beacuse you are reading FC and don't want to be lost don't bother with this. It is a good issue though and I for one will stick around and see how it plays out. One last thing. A personal appeal for Dan Didio. For the love of God Dan please give this man a Legion ongoing to write so I can ignore it and maybe Johns will stop having them show up constantly in the fifty other DC titles he writes that I do read. Bottom line Legion fans will love it. If you are a Legion fan the final scene will make you very happy.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Episode 8: Onamonapenis

He's not the show starter, he's not the show stopper, he's the WHOLE FUCKING SHOW! This episode features the return of Kevin to the show, which means he isn't phoning (emailing) it in this week folks. We return to happier days of innocence with the F5 Saturday Morning Cartoons. And in past episodes we've had on-air urination, well this week, please to enjoy on air ejaculation............

Beer, beer, wonderful beer, beer............

Nothing too fancy or obscure this week as TJ goes back to "number 9, number 9, number 9" Magic Hat #9, Kevin chooses "Ireland's Oldest Ale" Smithwicks, and from "America's Oldest Brewery" Mike delights in the Yuengling Lager.

Gentleman, start your engines:

The first segment involves self esteem and man on man daily affirmations (i.e., sugar pants, etc….). This leads into about a funny thing that happened to Kevin on the way to the forum involving vomit, Germans tourists, a migraine, the love that dare not speak its name, and handicap bus rides to hot lesbians, Mike the amazing ejaculating teen and finally bizarre foods (taylor ham, scrapple, tripe, turtle)

While we’re on the topic of food, we’ve got a care package from our favorite listener EVER, Rebecca O-H, who sent the show a box of assorted salted snacks from the great state of Ohio and Green Lantern toys.

Becca says “What?”

Our Lady of Ohio asks a trio of questions about a man’s pride and penial proclivities. We get a peak into Mike’s porn collection, explore Kevin’s issues with the word “penis,” and public bathroom etiquette

Why are men so fascinated by lesbians?

Why do men insist on naming their penises?

Do all men measure their organ? And why does this number matter?

Why do some men not flush the urinal? And why to they miss?

We also get a SECOND EMAIL from a different person. This time it’s from an old friend of TJ, Kevin’s and mine, Chris. TJ and Kevin relieve some of Kevin’s past moments of cockblocking glory.

Comics, comics, comics

Mike ain’t read shit! A discussion on the accessibility in the Marvel U. to new readers with the idea of pre-Skrull (insert hero name) or post-Skrull (insert hero name) and how that compares to Final Crisis. Again is another tongue bath for Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison and BOOOOOOOO to Brian Michael Bendis. Mighty and New Avengers….one of these things is not like the other…..or are they? The merits of the shock and gross out factor in Garth Ennis’ writing (Crossed, the Boys, the Authority, Preacher). They also, delve into Marvel/Hulk continuity and how to succeed as a character in the DCU (ie. Azreal)? And TJ prognosticates on the future of the Bat-family.

Books reviewed:

Cable #6 (Marvel).
The Darkness Ultimate Collection (Top Cow).
Authority #1 by Abnett and Lanning (DC).
The Nightwing and Robin Batman R.I.P tie-ins
Green Lantern #33

There’s a “classic” rock break as TJ talks about the Jersey contingent’s upcoming trip to go see Journey and Mike rattles of band after band after band after *yaaaaaaawn………

The F’d up Five: Top 5 non-superhero Saturday Morning Cartoons

Maybe we should have been clearer on what a “superhero” cartoon was with submissions of the . But ANYWAY, selections are the Muppet Babies, the Smurfs, Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends, Dungeons and Dragons, Heathcliff, the Snorks, the Punky Brewster cartoon, the Gummi Bears, Camp Candy, Robo-Tech and Space Ghost. This segment features Mike’s hard-on for everything Alex Toth touched (Space Ghost, Thundarr the Barbarian, Herculoids).

abrazos y besos,

Sr. David

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Hollywood Double Dip

Will wonders never cease? Yes folks today we get a rare non-comic related rant. Today's rant is brought to you by movie studios who feel the need to keep re-releasing movies on DVD to keep squeezing a few more pennies out of the faithful movie nitwits (like me) who against all logic will fall for this shit. I was looking over the upcoming DVD releases today and saw a solicit for a Three disccollector's edition of Rob Zombie's Halloween. There is just one problem with this. I have sitting on my shelf the TWO-DISC collector's edition of this movie. What is different about this release you ask? Not a whole lot. Theatrical and director's cut versions of the film check. Deleted scenes check. director commentary check. Featurettes check no wait a minute there are more featurettes and a documentary oh well that makes it ok. Bullshit it does. Not to be outdone I saw solicitations for yet another definitive collector's edition of Psycho not to mention the fact that the original Halloween has had at least 5 different DVD (collector's definitive stupendous ludicrous speed swear to god this is it) releases since 1999.

Seriously enough is enough. I can understand re-releasing collector's editions of movies that only got bear bones DVD releases back in the day. The Jack Ryan movies, the Batman movies etc. But honestly these days the DVD release of movies is being prepped during production of the damn film. There is no honest to God good reason a movie these days needs more than one release. The worst part is I will probably buy this damn thing because I loved the movie and would love to see a documentary about it. My suggestion if you are going to pull this shit release the extras seperate Honestly the people who would buy it anyway probably still will and this way when they pop it in the DVD player they won't feel that stinging sensation in their posteriors reminding them that they just bent over and let Hollywood stick it to them in a naughty place.



Saturday, August 9, 2008

Episode 7: The Incredible Flying Naked Mannings

This episode features a slightly new format…well not REALLY new, but you'll be getting more better F-Bombcast. NOW with KUNG-FOO Grip! Basically, the Flash(ah ahhhh)back and F'd up 5 segments will be featured in alternating weeks. It's kinda like gaining penis length by losing weight.

Beer, beer, beer, wonderful beer, beer, beer……..
This week's samplings are:
Purple Haze (Raspberry wheat brew) from Abita Brewing Co.
Honey Moon Summer Ale from Coors Brewing Co.

Mike regales us with drinking tales from his youth and by youth I mean as a young supple youth. Not to be outdone, TJ shares another adventure from his college days.
We also learn the secret history of Corona beer and the lil' limes therein.

*Teasers: Keep an eye out for the F-BombCast very own feed (THANKS JAMES) and possible own domain.

The Naked Truth:
9 yo. stupid penis tricks, "Puppetry of the Penis," and the Incredible Flying Naked Mannings.

Rebecca O-H says "What?":
T, calls out a friend of Becca's who was turned off and disgusted by listening to not 10 minutes of one episode. Since when is being the "vilest podcast" he's ever listened to is a bad thing? This week Becca wants to know what the allure of a threesome and I learn something new about TJ and how to properly run train on a girl.

*Big High-5 to James for finding that special person to inspire him to dump his harem or condolences, depending on how it plays out.

TJ's hope for the DCU post-Final Crisis. A brief look at Hawkeye (Marvel) and a comparison to Green Arrow (DC). TJ rants about the discrepancy between the cover art and the art inside the book itself (see: Alex Ross).
Books Reviewed: Beyond Wonderland #1 (Zenoscope)
Reign in Hell (DC)
Jim Butcher's Dresden Files #4 (Dabel Bros.)
Ambush Bug: Year None (DC)
Grant Morrison's New X-Men TPB (Marvel)
*Mike jumps off Legion of Superheroes (DC)

This week features the return of Douche Bag of the Week
Kevin bitches about work/firewalls/bandwidth, TJ takes on BIG-pharmacutical and Mike defends the handicap.

Flash(ah ahhhh)back: 2005

Movies: Batman Begins, the Aristocrats (NOT AristoCATS), 40 YO Virgin, Hustle and Flow, Sin City and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants..........WHAT?! Yes, folks I said Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Gay. Totally Gay, Liberace Gay).

TV: Wonder Showzen, Battlestar Gallactica, Supernatural, Bones, the Office and My Name is Earl. This year also features one of the greatest titles to a show of BBC3 it's "Tittybangbang"

Music: "My Humps" by the Blackeyed peas, "Hard to be a rock and roller" by the Wigwams, "Mr. A to Z" by Jason Mraz, "Hypnotize" by System of a Down (Serj Tankian is the lead singer TJ), "Old Cartoons Are Fucking Dicks" from the Family Guy: Live in Las Vegas and TJ (Mr. Yeah-I-picked-Sisterhood-of-the-Traveling-Pants) makes fun of Kevin for picking "Patience" from Depeche Mode.

Next time on a very special "The FBombCast": The Return of Kevin.......

Keep it groovy,
Your pal Dave