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The F BombCast: Episode 9: Phuck me? No, Phuck you...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Episode 9: Phuck me? No, Phuck you...

Ladies (and gentleman if you'd like), keep a towel handy. This Episode features the return of the Rock 'em Sock 'em Racist himself, Dave (me)! Yes, folks THIS is the episode to listen to. TJ quits smoking, we learn the Origin of Phuckin' Dave, there's some boner-popping news about the Watchmen and some very upseting news about Watchmen, TJ tries AGAIN to try and justify his love of traveling pants, we discuss race relations, my Nellie-dog throws her two cents in and we introduce a new segment. Also, thank you to Sean (Hakkendon on the forums).

Beer, Beer, Beer, Blah.......
This is an "eh" week with beers folks as Mike is drinking Yuengling again and TJ felt that feeding his baby was more important than beer. I, however, did bring different to the table....the spicy delicious Chimay Rouge from the Belgian Trappist Monks.

Becca says What?
This week Becca (and the Cubicle Cuties too I suspect) ask about tatoos, nipple piercings, my apparent foot fetish, cock piercings......ow......ok no more of that.

FUCKing Dave?
Earlier in the show I tell about the origin of my nickname, Phuckin' Dave. Now I regale you lucky listeners with a tale of carnal pleasure. You'll have to listen to it yourself for all the delicious hotness, but lets just say honorable mentions include little leaguers, stroke victims, leggings, sex with the retarded, a park ranger and a very VERY full "water balloon."

Mike's Fucking Heart of Gold.
Co-host, Mike talks about cutting his Sampson-esque rock god hair for "Locks of Love." A sweet story till we get to Mike's puddy head and his wife identifying his corpse by feeling his mishaped skull between her legs. (hey, he said it not me)

One Minute Man
This new segment allows for the speaker to talk for 1 min. about whatever. This week is Mike's turn and he talks about the new Whitesnake album "Good to be bad."

Comics, comics, comics
Reviewed this week:
Welcome to Hoxford #1 (IDW)
Red Sonja #36 (Dynamite)
Y The Last Man TPB #10 (Vertigo)
Okko: The Cycle of Water (ASP)
The Bond of Saint Marcel (ASP)
The R.I.P. tie-ins (DC)
Action Comics #867 (DC)
Ultra TPD (Image)

Flash(ah ahhh)back: 1981

Movie: Evil Dead, Superman II, Mommy Dearest, Clash of the Titans, Stripes, Excalibur,
Night Riders, etc.....
TV: The Smurfs, The Greatest American Hero, Entertainment Tonight (yeach), Postman Pat and Simon & Simon
Music: In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins, The album Escape from Journey, Rush "Moving Pictures," and Billy Squire's "Don't Say No."

Ok going to drink some bers,

Keep your naughty bits clean,

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