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The F BombCast: The Hollywood Double Dip

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Hollywood Double Dip

Will wonders never cease? Yes folks today we get a rare non-comic related rant. Today's rant is brought to you by movie studios who feel the need to keep re-releasing movies on DVD to keep squeezing a few more pennies out of the faithful movie nitwits (like me) who against all logic will fall for this shit. I was looking over the upcoming DVD releases today and saw a solicit for a Three disccollector's edition of Rob Zombie's Halloween. There is just one problem with this. I have sitting on my shelf the TWO-DISC collector's edition of this movie. What is different about this release you ask? Not a whole lot. Theatrical and director's cut versions of the film check. Deleted scenes check. director commentary check. Featurettes check no wait a minute there are more featurettes and a documentary oh well that makes it ok. Bullshit it does. Not to be outdone I saw solicitations for yet another definitive collector's edition of Psycho not to mention the fact that the original Halloween has had at least 5 different DVD (collector's definitive stupendous ludicrous speed swear to god this is it) releases since 1999.

Seriously enough is enough. I can understand re-releasing collector's editions of movies that only got bear bones DVD releases back in the day. The Jack Ryan movies, the Batman movies etc. But honestly these days the DVD release of movies is being prepped during production of the damn film. There is no honest to God good reason a movie these days needs more than one release. The worst part is I will probably buy this damn thing because I loved the movie and would love to see a documentary about it. My suggestion if you are going to pull this shit release the extras seperate Honestly the people who would buy it anyway probably still will and this way when they pop it in the DVD player they won't feel that stinging sensation in their posteriors reminding them that they just bent over and let Hollywood stick it to them in a naughty place.



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