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The F BombCast: Episode 7: The Incredible Flying Naked Mannings

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Episode 7: The Incredible Flying Naked Mannings

This episode features a slightly new format…well not REALLY new, but you'll be getting more better F-Bombcast. NOW with KUNG-FOO Grip! Basically, the Flash(ah ahhhh)back and F'd up 5 segments will be featured in alternating weeks. It's kinda like gaining penis length by losing weight.

Beer, beer, beer, wonderful beer, beer, beer……..
This week's samplings are:
Purple Haze (Raspberry wheat brew) from Abita Brewing Co.
Honey Moon Summer Ale from Coors Brewing Co.

Mike regales us with drinking tales from his youth and by youth I mean as a young supple youth. Not to be outdone, TJ shares another adventure from his college days.
We also learn the secret history of Corona beer and the lil' limes therein.

*Teasers: Keep an eye out for the F-BombCast very own feed (THANKS JAMES) and possible own domain.

The Naked Truth:
9 yo. stupid penis tricks, "Puppetry of the Penis," and the Incredible Flying Naked Mannings.

Rebecca O-H says "What?":
T, calls out a friend of Becca's who was turned off and disgusted by listening to not 10 minutes of one episode. Since when is being the "vilest podcast" he's ever listened to is a bad thing? This week Becca wants to know what the allure of a threesome and I learn something new about TJ and how to properly run train on a girl.

*Big High-5 to James for finding that special person to inspire him to dump his harem or condolences, depending on how it plays out.

TJ's hope for the DCU post-Final Crisis. A brief look at Hawkeye (Marvel) and a comparison to Green Arrow (DC). TJ rants about the discrepancy between the cover art and the art inside the book itself (see: Alex Ross).
Books Reviewed: Beyond Wonderland #1 (Zenoscope)
Reign in Hell (DC)
Jim Butcher's Dresden Files #4 (Dabel Bros.)
Ambush Bug: Year None (DC)
Grant Morrison's New X-Men TPB (Marvel)
*Mike jumps off Legion of Superheroes (DC)

This week features the return of Douche Bag of the Week
Kevin bitches about work/firewalls/bandwidth, TJ takes on BIG-pharmacutical and Mike defends the handicap.

Flash(ah ahhhh)back: 2005

Movies: Batman Begins, the Aristocrats (NOT AristoCATS), 40 YO Virgin, Hustle and Flow, Sin City and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants..........WHAT?! Yes, folks I said Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Gay. Totally Gay, Liberace Gay).

TV: Wonder Showzen, Battlestar Gallactica, Supernatural, Bones, the Office and My Name is Earl. This year also features one of the greatest titles to a show of BBC3 it's "Tittybangbang"

Music: "My Humps" by the Blackeyed peas, "Hard to be a rock and roller" by the Wigwams, "Mr. A to Z" by Jason Mraz, "Hypnotize" by System of a Down (Serj Tankian is the lead singer TJ), "Old Cartoons Are Fucking Dicks" from the Family Guy: Live in Las Vegas and TJ (Mr. Yeah-I-picked-Sisterhood-of-the-Traveling-Pants) makes fun of Kevin for picking "Patience" from Depeche Mode.

Next time on a very special "The FBombCast": The Return of Kevin.......

Keep it groovy,
Your pal Dave

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