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The F BombCast: Episode 10: Nuthin' but an F-Bomb Baby...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Episode 10: Nuthin' but an F-Bomb Baby...

ANYWAY...This cuddle filled episode features discussions of if Mike is EVER right, Journey, the anatomy of fowl, "Hooray Beer!," nudie bar memories, videogames and fantasy football and mullets, oh my. Mike even treats you lucky listeners with some song stylings from his rock god days.
Mike is still drinking from the seemingly endless case of Yuengling while TJ is enjoying some nice Newcastle Brown Ale.

Becca say "What?"
Becca seems to think that she and the Cuties exhausted their randy question quota for a while. So this week they "tone" it down a bit with the age old "Boxers or briefs" question. Her 2nd question gets a really good discussion about the boys' Holy Grail comic. She also provides us another drink recipe (lushie).

Blue Smurf Piss:
1/5 Shot Jagermeister
1/5 Shot Bacardi 151 Proof Rum
1/5 Shot Goldschlager
1/5 Shot Blue Curacao
Mixing Instructions: Pour as listed -- strain through ICE, this drink tastes better chilled

There's also dueling fan-mails as Hakk, clues us in on the origin of his forum name and tells us of Antler Brown Ale from Barley Creek Brewery near Camel Beach in PA.

The Boys #21 and the Boys in general (Dynamite)
Uncanny X-Men #501 (Marvel)
Martin Manhunter #0-36 (DC) *mike's E-Bay win
Bone Volume 3 (Scholastic)
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds (DC)
Flash #243
Final Crisis: Revelations
Amazing Spiderman #568

One minute left in the period......
Well not really, but this IS the new segment. TJ forgets to prepare so he talks about the Journey/Heart/(eh...)Cheap Trick concert June 21st........come to think of it, the segment ran MUCH longer than a minute.

F'd up 5: Top 5 Driving Songs
You learn a lot about the FBomb boys by their choices in this category: Mike is a rock conseiur, TJ is an angry driver, I have to listen to happy/peppy music to "...keep me from killin' y'all," and Kevin......well Kevin (except for the Lords of Acid) is an old white grandmother (and Kev, don't complain I coulda called you queer). Also, Kevin finds a way to make teen girls unsexy.
Selections include:
Life is a Highway, Dragula, Nuthin' but a G-thang, Mr Blue Sky, Running on Empty, Get Up Offa' That Thing James Brown, Night Train, Blind by Korn, Possess Me by Lords of Acid, Fire Woman, Toxicity, I Get Around, AEnema, Radar Love and Nellie the Elephant by the Toy Dolls.

Who loves ya baby,

Your pal Dave

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